Other Area Lakes


I always hate to lump the other lakes around Dorset under “other” because it just doesn’t do them justice. They are not as large as Kawagama or Lake of Bays but for many, many people, that’s precisely what makes them special and cherished. In fact, my own cottage experience began at the age of 3 on Otter (Tock) Lake outside Dorset and I still think it’s one of the most beautiful lakes in our area. It was just the right size for a young boater to explore safely. There are a whole string of such gems heading up County Road 12 toward the Algonquin Park Boundary. Otter, Hardwood, Crozier, Lower Fletcher, Fletcher, Livingstone, Troutspawn, Wolf and Crown. They all are relatively undeveloped with pockets of Crown Land to ensure that they stay that way. If you head south on Hwy. 35 there are more still – Raven, Shoe, Grindstone, Wren, Lake St. Nora/Kushog – gorgeous lakes all. There are more still as you head from Dorset towards Baysville – Paint, Long Line, Grandview, Echo, Ril, Dickie and Menominee. These tend to be less remote in feel and very popular with folks who are looking for a shorter commute from Toronto.

It’s safe to say that all these lakes are cherished for their special qualities and especially for not being “LARGE”!

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